Pronunciation: tet-a-tet

Origin: late 17th century: French,

literally ‘head-to-head’. Of, between, or for two persons together
An intimate meeting or conversation between two individuals.

Tête-à-Tête Photo is an Edinburgh based, Scottish-French photographic partnership formed by Ewan Barry and Audrey Pinard in 2008.

“We love to photograph people, places and all the details that go into making your wedding day.  We capture all the important elements as well as the little things that make it unique, from a discreet, exchanged glance to the full-on party. We want to tell your story in pictures – all we need you to do is be yourself. Our studio is in Edinburgh’s City centre – why not pay us a visit and find out more.”

Ewan and Audrey.

Tête-à-Tête Photo

52 Blackfriars Street

Edinburgh EH1 1NE,

Tel: 0131 558 2881 (studio) / email: info@tetewed.com